Erin is a previous educator turned tech-WFH mom which allows her the flexibility she has always dreamed of. She came to Colorado for the first time in the summer of 2016 and her husband, Rick (then, boyfriend!) took his very first plane ride to visit her. They both fell in love with CO hoping to call it home one day. After 4 cross-country moves, that day finally came in the summer of 2022! Erin and Rick along with their 3 kids and giant English Mastiff have settled in Peyton and literally couldn't be happier. They enjoy adventuring and keeping things real. Keep up with Erin on Instagram @therealricelife.
Graphic with alphabet letters around a heart

Alphabet Date Night: It Is Worth the Hype!

If you are a 30-something mom, finally taking the time to prioritize dating your spouse, then I am sure you have been inundated with social media videos on alphabet date night. I know I...
Mueller State Park

Lessons Learned: Camping at Mueller State Park

We went camping at Mueller State Park for the first time and it blew us away! I had heard it was a super family-friendly spot, but I really had no idea until we got...
Eras Tour Denver

How the Eras Tour Changed Me (from a non-Swiftie)

Motherhood is already a transformative journey, but often our transformation is subtle. The Eras Tour changed the woman I am today in 3.5 hours, and I wouldn’t change anything about the journey. I should start...
woman laying on family room floor looking at her laptop

How I use AI in Motherhood

AI (or Artificial Intelligence) is all the rage these days! Since I work for a small tech company, and figuring out ways to be more efficient when using AI has become such a large...
Restaurant Survival Kit

Restaurant Survival Kit: Keeping Tiny Hands Busy Out To Eat (Without a Screen!)

I love to eat out! I love the experience of someone else cooking for my family of five and eating out is a great opportunity to teach my kids table manners, which are sometimes...
patios in Colorado Springs

Guide to Patios and Rooftops in Colorado Springs

Wow! What. A. Winter. As you may have read, my family is new to Colorado Springs, and many of our new friends have said that this winter was the worst in years! We have...