5 Ways to Have a 5-Year-Old Help with Weekly Chores


Encouraging and letting my 5-year-old help around the house has provided a way to teach responsibility, encourage teamwork, and participate in necessary chores in family life. Having my children help around the home has helped all of us see the value of working together.

Today, I am sharing 5 ways I have my 5-year-old help out with weekly chores.

My 5-year-old is such a good helper. He always wants to be with me as I scurry around the kitchen for meals or complete weekly chores around the house. When I asked if he wanted to help, he was very excited. He has proven to be a rather dependable little helper as I have let him have more responsibility over time.

Here are 5 ways that my 5-year-old is helping around the house—in addition to cleaning up toys and putting dirty clothes in his hamper every day. Hopefully this will spark some ideas or be a starting place for you to encourage your little helpers.


I gave my helper a duster with a long handle, so he can reach taller places like bookshelves, the mantle, or tall dressers. I follow a motto coined by Durenda Wilson:  “Don’t expect what you don’t inspect.” After he is done, we walk through the house to be sure he has dusted all the main surface spaces. Usually there is an area or two he forgot or couldn’t reach, so we quickly do those areas together. Dusting complete!


I was hesitant to entrust this job to a child, but pleasantly surprised after he did it with practice. Our dust mop with a wide head so it is easy to quickly cover the floor. The mop is similar which helps make for fewer strokes. Usually, I hold the dustpan to help sweep up the crumbs (or ask big brother to help with that part).

Take Hamper to Laundry Room/Put Clothes Away

Once a week, I have him bring his hamper of dirty clothes to the laundry room (on the same floor as his room). He will often put his clothes into the washer, and then I start the washing machine. He is proud to be able to carry the load for me. After clothes are washed, dried, and folded, he is responsible for putting them away in his dresser. I don’t check that they are put away correctly. I figure he will find what he needs since he’s the one who put it away.

Empty Dishwasher

This is a supervised task while I am in the kitchen getting a meal ready. Many of the dishes go in cupboards that are too tall. Silverware and several items are in lower cupboards that he can easily put away. (Also, double check and remove sharp objects or fragile items before recruiting some help!)

Help Clean Bathrooms

I supervise this activity; it is not a task I can assign for him to complete independently (yet!). We use microfiber cloths to clean the counter, sink, and mirror. He can also help with using the toilet brush to scrub the toilet bowl.


I let the kids get the mail and/or bring in packages left at the door. Our mailbox is right out front of our house. So, he can easily run out to grab the mail when we get home in the afternoon.

There are several lists available online for what chores are appropriate for various ages. One of my favorites is here.

How do you include your children in household chores?


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