Building Connections in Our Community


I find that making friends as an adult can be pretty difficult. Sure, I come across as friendly and chatty sometimes, but getting past that into the meat of a friendship is hard. To me, building deeper connections feels a little bit like dating when I see someone interesting. I think, “Should I talk to them? What should I say? Will they like me? Do they already have enough friends?” 

And, if I want to make new friends, where do I even find them? Here are a bunch of ideas to help you connect with folks in our community that will hopefully result in some deep, lasting, and fun friendships!

Ideas for Building Connections:

  • COSMC Community + Connection Facebook page by the Co Springs Mom Collective! On this page, you’ll find events for mamas. Or, post a shout out looking for someone in your neighborhood to hit the park with! This page is a wealth of resources.
  • Places of faith and worship – This is always a great place to meet like-minded people. Whatever your belief (or unbelief), a Google search will give you results for meetings in our area. 
  • Gyms, athletic class like Pilates and yoga, and the YMCA.
  • The library! We have an awesome library system in our area with events for tots, teens and adults. 
  • Parks, Recreation & Cultural Services – Find a park, trail or community center to explore!
  • – Check this site out for tons of local get-togethers ranging from book clubs to coffee dates, game nights to crafts, beer tours to hikes and so many more! 
  • Kids’ classes, daycares, camps, sports, schools, etc. – I’ve met some of the nicest people at my son’s sporting events. Go out on a limb and say hello to someone new next time you’re watching a game or in the pick-up line. 
  • Neighbors – One of the best things that’s been happening more in recent years is the refocus on getting to know our neighbors. If you haven’t met the folks you live near, go say hello. Or, host an ice cream sundae bar in your driveway to meet them all at once, especially the kiddos!
  • Trivia Nights and other bar events – We have some pretty amazing restaurants and bars in Colorado Springs! Maybe one of your favorite places to hang out has some special events. Or, try this place: Stone Sports Grill & Bar. 
  • Adult education classes such as painting, cooking, languages, and weightlifting are a fun way to make new friends while embracing a new skill. 
  • Recreational sports leagues for adults. Rec sports are a fun way to not only keep active, but also grow relationships. 
  • Tailgating and attending local sports games – We’ve got some cool teams to cheer for in Colorado Springs! Strike up a conversation with people sitting near you at the Vibes or the Switchbacks. Taking in Colorado College and Air Force games can be especially fun, too!
  • Volunteering – We’re all passionate about something. Figure out what that thing is and help out! There are lots of places to volunteer here in town. A little googling will help you find a place that interests you!
  • Local attractions like the zoo, renaissance fair, on the trail and around town – If someone looks interesting, introduce yourself because they might be your next good friend!