Christa, Senior Writer

Christa, Senior Writer
Christa is a wife, mother, military spouse, and an educator.
Teen Easter Basket

25 Favorites for Your Teen’s Easter Basket

Easter is just around the corner, and I love this time of year for so many reasons. Spring is in the air and all around. Stores are filled with baskets, flowers, and seasonal pinks,...
boy looking at a phone in a store

Holding the (Phone) Line for a Few More Minutes

It happened again. My twelve-year-old son asked for his own phone – yet again. This time, he sent my husband and me an email listing all the reasons he felt he “needed” the phone. ...
A smiling woman listening to music in her headphones

Instrumental Music: My New Work Favorite!

I’ve always enjoyed music.  From the time I was little, you could find me singing along to music on the radio, singing in church or the car, dancing and singing along to music in...
tween boy and mom at a school bus stop

Big Boys, Big Emotions: 5 Tips for Connecting with Your Tween Boy

The other day I picked my 11-year-old son up from 6th grade, as I do most days. He was moving slow and the look on his face said the day wasn’t spectacular. He plopped...
jiu jitsu instructor with two young students

Be a Good Teammate!

Last weekend, my son competed in a jiu-jitsu competition. Jiu-jitsu is a ground-based martial art that focuses on grappling and the use of leverage, pressure, and other tactics in the pursuit of a submission...
Woman sitting in silence with a cup of coffee

Okay in the Quiet

I think it was when I became a mom that “quiet” started making me nervous. If it was quiet and I didn’t hear my kids, they were most likely doing something dangerous, messy, or...
senior posing for her senior portraits

I’m Not Ready: Facing the Senior Year

My time with her is dwindling. It’s dwindling fast! Last week, we bought a senior parking pass. This week, she pressed “submit” on her first college application and just hours later we stepped foot...
woman laying in the grass

Leaving Space for Summer Downtime

Summer is almost here and I’m already finding myself knee-deep in summer plans. Now a lot of moms will have their kids’ summer schedule completely planned out week to week; from vacations to camp,...
Teacher Appreciation Featured Image with a young student giving a gift to her teacher

A Few Teacher Appreciation Gifts You Can Know They Will Love!

It’s Teacher Appreciation time and I know, as a teacher, that usually means lots of gifts from families in my classroom.  This is the time of year parents shower teachers with all the things...
mom and teen daughter sitting on a couch talking to one another and smiling

There’s No Place Like Home, and You Can Always Come Home!

I sat on the floor at home, snapping Legos together, not knowing quite what I was building.  My son sat across from me, building as well, and talking away about his day.  As we...